About this certificate

This certificate program is designed to equip you with seminary-level teachings that will serve as a foundation for your theological training. Consisting of 12 courses, you will develop a solid foundation around the core topics of Biblical doctrine. This program explores doctrinal topics that are essential to our faith, such as sanctification, salvation, the divinity of Christ, the Holy Spirit, New and Old Testament overviews, and much more. Upon completion of all twelve courses, you can request the official certificate that you can frame.

What you'll gain

After completing this certificate program, you'll possess:

  • A strong foundation of Biblical doctrine, covering essential topics of the Christian faith.

  • An understanding of the Bible as a holistic story with teachings taught from the perspectives of the original writer's.

  • An in-depth understanding of the essential pillars of our faith equipping you to confidently share with others.

Available courses

Ten courses now available. Start learning today and the remaining two courses will be automatically added to your dashboard by Spring 2025.

Coming Soon

These courses, which are included in this certificate program, are coming soon and will be automatically added to your dashboard when ready.

  • Early Church History
  • The Christian and the Law
  • Biblical Anthropology

Pricing options

Buy purchasing these courses as a bundle instead of individually, you will save a total of $237!