About this course

This course builds on Dr. Ronn Johnson's Old Testament Orientation course by describing how several key divine council issues (cosmic geography, comparable monotheism, divine rebellions, etc.) find their exciting conclusion in the coming of Christ and the writings of the New Testament. In addition to surveying all the New Testament books, Dr. Johnson will also dive deep into topics such as Paul’s understanding of the Torah, Greco-Roman culture, and transmission of the cannon, which are necessary for understanding the background and theology of the New Testament. At the core, this course explores the answer to the probing question posed by Dr. Heiser in his book "What Does God Want?" We learn he wants a family . . . made possible by our Lord Jesus Christ.

What you'll learn

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Recognize important places, dates, events, and names within the New Testament story.

  • Summarize the content and meaning of the books of the New Testament.

  • Identify key terms, ideas, and topics in the current state of New Testament study.

  • Define how individuals properly honored God during the New Testament.

What's in this course

  1. Getting started

  2. Module 01 | What Is the New Testament?

  3. Module 02 | The Story of the New Testament

  4. Module 03 | Intertestament, Language, Culture , Cosmology, Study Resources

  5. Module 04 | Jesus, Historical Jesus, Christ of Faith, Messiah

  6. Module 05 | Gospels

New Testament Orientation

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Dr. Ronn Johnson

Ronn Johnson completed his Ph.D. in Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary. His dissertation on the created gods of the Old Testament (“The Old Testament Background for Paul’s Principalities and Powers”) provided him the opportunity to research the divine council worldview of the Hebrew Bible and apply it to New Testament exegesis. Ronn has taught Bible and theology courses at the college level for over 20 years, has pastored two churches in the Minneapolis area for fifteen years, and enjoys hosting study trips to Israel. He and his wife Susan have three married children and five grandchildren. Ronn’s pastimes include working on his personal library and cheering for the Minnesota Vikings.

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