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In this course, Dr. Heiser builds on the meta-narrative and supernatural concepts developed in Unseen Realm 101. He covers Chapters 22 through 42 of his book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible, and transitions into the New Testament. He picks up the supernatural plotline of the Bible and culminates in God establishing his natural and supernatural family in the book of Revelation.

Course objectives

After completing this course, you'll be able to explain:

  • The cryptic nature of the ultimate mission of the Messiah in the first advent.

  • How Christ’s ministry targeted the three supernatural-human rebellions described in Genesis 1-11.

  • How the Church, the Body of Christ, and its ordinances repurpose Old Testament concepts of sacred space, a holy priesthood, and cosmic geography.

  • How the divine council worldview impacts eschatology, the Day of the Lord, and the restoration of Eden on a new earth.

Course outline

    1. Unseen Realm FAQs

    1. Objectives 01

    2. Pre-work 01

    3. Session 01

    4. Quiz 01

    5. Discussion 01

    1. Objectives 02

    2. Pre-work 02

    3. Session 02

    4. Quiz 02

    5. Discussion 02

    1. Objectives 03

    2. Pre-work 03

    3. Session 03

    4. Quiz 03

    5. Discussion 03

    6. Additional resources 03

    1. Objectives 04

    2. Pre-work 04

    3. Session 04

    4. Quiz 04

    5. Additional resources 04

    1. Objectives 05

    2. Pre-work 05

    3. Session 05

    4. Quiz 05

    5. Discussion 05

    6. Additional resources 05

Unseen Realm 102

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Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Dr. Michael S. Heiser (who prefers to be called Mike) is a scholar of the Bible and its ancient context. He earned master’s degrees in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania and Hebrew Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has a Ph.D. in Hebrew and Semitic Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before teaching at AWKNG School of Theology, Dr. Heiser taught at the university level for over 20 years and was the Academic Editor and Scholar for Logos Bible Software for 15 years. He supervised scholarly data projects related to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew and Semitic inscriptions, the Septuagint, and the Greek Pseudepigrapha. Dr. Heiser is published widely in scholarly academic journals, including the Bible Study Magazine, and authored several portions of the Faithlife Study Bible.

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Stella Mbubaegbu

Brilliant- I learned so much!

Brilliant- I learned so much!

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